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Brian Lisik & Hard Legs – “Alex Chilton”

Ohioan Brian Lisik’s latest single is an homage to an homage. He and his bandmates, guitarist Robb Myers and drummer Martyn Flunoy, provide a smoking rendition of “Alex Chilton,” originally recorded by The Replacements, who wrote the song to celebrate Chilton, the larger-than-life Big Star frontman who died in 2010. Lisik and The Replacements certainly share common sonic ground—buzzing guitars and in-your-face rhythms—and it is certain that both bands were influenced by the music of Big Star. Lisik and company’s take on this tune is an apt tribute to both The Replacements and the song’s namesake, their shared inspiration. – DAVE STALLARD

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“Monk” among American Songwriter’s Top 24 of ’22  

“Monk” – Brian Lisik & Hard Legs
Culled from Lisik’s latest album Hotsy Totsy, “Monk” channels the Stones’ “Live With Me,” while exemplifying a blend of attitude and exuberance. Even so, the abject humor and sarcastic asides give the music its distinct personality. – LEE ZIMMERMAN

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Canton Repository: Best music of 2022

Best live record: Brian Lisik & Hard Legs – “Hotsy Totsy!”

Eager to watch Brian Lisik live in late October at The Auricle in downtown Canton, I missed out on my chance, unable to be two places at once when Urban Honey was performing at Patina Arts Centre.

But “Hotsy Totsy!” is easily the next best thing, a 12-track show recorded at The Rialto Theatre in Kenmore. Capturing the unvarnished intimacy of a club show, Lisik thankfully refrained from overproducing the album, maintaining the ragged edges and spontaneity of a jam at a neighborhood bar while evoking what Paul Westerberg would have sounded like in his early days.

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Easily ranking among my all-time favorite live records, “Hotsy Totsy’s” setlist was wisely curated with both recognizable favorites like “Junior High School” and a random but endearing cover of “Under the Boardwalk,” complete with a few forgotten words. – ED BALINT

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