1. Beaten Up Blue

From the recording Curtisinterruptedus

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Brian Lisik - vocals, percussion
Steve Norgrove - bass, guitars, backing vocals
Benjamin Payne - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ray Flanagan - electric guitar
Tim Longfellow - organ

(c. 2015 - Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


Little girl you've always been my muse
That's why it's hard to see the abuse
None of my business anymore
But we've walked in and out of so many doors

I live in my world
And you, you're someone else's girl
Walking into what I save you from
And now you're telling me that shit was all for fun

But they keep beating you up
And letting you down
But you keep coming back
Say you need someone around

Such a lonely girl
They're painting the town with you
To see what you'll do
What you trying to prove?

Ain't this getting old?
Aren't you being blue?
Aren't you being blue?
Aren't you being blue?