1. Never Was

From the recording Curtisinterruptedus

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Brian Lisik - vocals, percussion
Steve Norgrove - bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals
Benjamin Payne - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Ray Flanagan - electric guitar

(c. 2015 Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


Ya oily little rich kids
You lost me at hello
No sour grapes, baby
I know that's how the world rolls

Standing at another crossroads
Digging in my pockets and down the road
And I know there's nothing there no more

Never was
Never was
For kids like us
There never was

Sick of people asking
How come you ain't on top?
Well maybe I like it on the bottom
She says it gets her off

Screwin' is as screwin' does
We all got our own scores
And I know there's nothing there no more

And in the morning
The sun will have no pity on our petty lives
It will rise up
And burn us if we look into its eyes