1. Jan. 13

From the recording Curtisinterruptedus

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Brian Lisik - vocals, electric guitar, percussion
Steve Norgrove - bass, electric and acoustic guitars, castanets, backing vocals
Benjamin Payne - drums, acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Ray Flanagan - electric guitar
Tim Longfellow - organ

(c. 2015 Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove/Benjamin Payne - Wurst Music /Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


All the wannabes
All ahead of me
I knew you'd be asking
Could see how you're acting
It's 10:30 and I'm sure she's asleep
You wanted to see me
Said, "come serenade me."

It's gotta be January 13
Gotta be January 13

Out of nowhere
I'm scared to go there
Nothing to choose and everything to lose
It's 10:30 and your girlfriend's home
You're talking to someone, telling me you're alone

I can't see nothin'
Through a telephone
But you're telling me it's gotta be
January 13

What you doin', what you doin' what you doin'?
'Cause I'm getting weak
Hey baby, how about January 13?

For the record you want me
Nothing tawdry, nothing cheap
Just make it January 13

Come serenade me
Fit me in on January 13