From the recording Junior High School

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Brian Lisik - lead and backing vocals; all instruments except where noted
Steve Norgrove - bass; backing vocals

Produced by The Dimmerer Twins
Mixed by Don Dixon

Recorded at The Bass Mint


Everybody's busy
Everybody's dying
Everybody's out of town
But nobody is trying
Everybody's signed up
Except those who deserve it
I'm looking for the way in
Least I was there when it was worth it

Everybody climbing
Nobody's up and up
Everybody's lying
Or drinking from the cup
Everybody is serving
Everybody's being jammed
Everybody's telling everybody else
How they got real big plans

Face reality
With a knowing wink
Nobody can be serious
The way they wanna make you think

Everybody's in Junior high school
Everything was safer there
Everybody's telling on the teacher
Everybody wants what's fair

Nobody can admit it
Nobody wants to leave the lair
Nobody can grow up these days
Yeah, everybody's scared

Everybody's scared
Everybody's scared

c. 2020 Brian Lisik/Wurst Music (ASCAP)