From the recording We're Sorry

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Brian Lisik – vocals
Ray Flanagan – guitar
Steve Norgrove – bass
Tim Longfellow – piano
Benjamin Payne – drums
(c.2017 Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


Don’t be weirded don’t be scared
Children of God, we’ll all be there
Just sisters and brothers from some other where
Can’t take me where I don’t choose to go
And no one can leave me there
I cannot be bled bare
And he won’t sell me on worldly things
Only souls to save and share
He is one like father, one like water
He is one like all
He is one like all
Burial bandages only serve to recall
He is one like father, one as water
He is one and he is all