1. Describable

From the recording We're Sorry

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Brian Lisik – vocal
Steve Norgrove - acoustic guitar
(c.2017 Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


Great till 5 o'clock start every morning at zero
I want to be anything but indescribable
Got a note from home, I'm not in class today
I wanted that girl who lived in every song
Found the real ones are all the same
Don't know where she's gone but she's gone
Life it don't get bad it just gets lonely and long
You weren't satisfied messing up my life
You had to fuck up my memories too
You'll be glad to know that when you're finally gone
God damn it I'll still miss you
The less you know the harder you work To make them remember
To make them remember
Gotta make 'em remember
Don't forget to make 'em remember