1. Bye Bi Love

From the recording We're Sorry

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Brian Lisik - vocals, guitar
Ray Flanagan - guitar
Steve Norgrove - bass
Tim Longfellow - piano and organ
Benjamin Payne - drums
(c. 2017 Brian Lisik/Steve Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


If I was a girl would I be your girl?
Would you hold my hand behind the old grandstand?
Or right here at the table in front of me
While I'm singing to you I think you know it's true
I fall in and out of love when you walk in and out that door
And if I was a girl
Betcha I would be your girl
She's a match for you, everyone sees it's true
You look a mess, she wears you like a dress
But you're a shining star in my murky sea
And I like how you look back when you pass by me
If I was what you want would you be all I need?
Cause if I was a girl, betcha I would be your girl
Bye bi love
Hello emptiness
I'm trying to bite my tongue
And get right with modern love and politics
Bye bi love
Hello lonliness
I'm secure in my manliness enough to tell ya
If I was a girl
Bet I'd be your girl
We'd hold hands behind the old grandstand
And she's just as cool as I thought she'd be
But I've been drawn to your distance since you was 23
So if it don't work out consider you and me
Cause if I was a girl I know that I would be your girl
Bye bi love
Hello emptiness
Bye bi love