From the recording Curtisinterruptedus

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Brian Lisik - vocal, acoustic guitar
Steve Norgrove - bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Ray Flanagan - electric guitar
Tim Longfellow - piano
Benjamin Payne - drums and percussion

(c. 2015 Lisik/Norgrove - Wurst Music/Meaty Okra Music - ASCAP)


St. Patrick's Day
Passed away
Don't let the road rise up to meet ya
Don't let this world beat ya

Even if
It don't recognize
What we did
With our lives

Before it heart attacked us
Great big heartatalex
Lyrics written in italics
My life - who would've imagined

And it only happens once
Like falling in love
A punch in the gut
And the breath you lose
And the air you breathe
We lost you
As he turned 13

St. Patrick's Day
Passed away
A toast could be raised
To yesterdaze
But what's in a name?
Just fade away
Fade away