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Goldmine is the shiz, Lee Zimmerman is my writer hero, and he evidently thinks our new record is good too.

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"It wouldn’t be entirely off the mark to suggest that Brian Lisik as a musical chameleon. Given the five albums he’s released to date, it’s clear that he’s not only a pop perfectionist, but also an artist who’s able to adjust and adapt his template as needed to accommodate his robust revelry. Consequently, his latest effort, the tongue in cheekily titled 'Goodbye Stoopid Whirled,' is anything but what the name might suggest. (This is after the same man who dubbed a previous album 'Happiness Is Boring.') It is instead a smart, well-paced series of songs that shine with the untethered enthusiasm and exuberance that have been a hallmark of Lisik’s career all along. He is a changeling however; practically every one of its entries reflects a key influence, whether its the Dylan-esue delivery of opening track 'Don’t-Ray-Me,' the effusive Buddy Holly-like feel of 'Happy All the Time,' the down-home drawl bringing to mind Roger Miller in 'Looking for You,' or the rapid-fire rock of a Ventures variety imbued in the instrumental 'Call It Liquid Timing (Part I).' Indeed, Lisik’s clearly absorbed those classic sounds well, using them to his advantage while creating a perfect potpourri of energy and effort. Wow… what a winner!" - Lee Zimmerman


MUSIC VIDEO FOR "Junior High School"  PREMIERED by

"The video places the viewer in a setting of learning and, ideally, innocence. But...focuses attention on the lyrics, which address politicians and journalists who act as though middle-school hierarchy never ended." - Jon Sobel.   

Music Video Premiere: Brian Lisik - 'Junior High School'



in the May 2020 issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine, sharing space with the great STEVE EARLE and lots more wonderful music…/trail-mix-2020-vol-v/ 

Check out all the cool music and consider stimulating the new economy by picking up a download of "Junior High School" at :

BRIAN LISIK LIVE  5/2/20 - AMERICANA HIGHWAYS "Live from the Quarantine" concert series. 8:30 p.m. EST at . #americanahighways #melissaclarke #akronrock #gudbyestoopidwhirled #brianlisik

BRIAN LISIK LIVE 5/2/20 - AMERICANA HIGHWAYS "Live from the Quarantine" concert series. 8:30 p.m. EST at . #americanahighways #melissaclarke #akronrock #gudbyestoopidwhirled #brianlisik

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