Brian Lisik - 91.3 The Summit 330 Day

Akron Civic Theater , 182 S. Main Street, Akron, Ohio

2nd Annual 91.3 The Summit FM's "330 Day" featuring a veritable who’s who of Northeastern Ohio musicians, including (in no particular order) Brian Lisik, Ledges, The Kidney Brothers, Tracey Thomas, Stems, Zach, Marc Lee Shannon, Yankee Bravo, Shooter Sharp & The Shootouts, Demos Papadimas, Madison Cummins, Coup de Grace, The Speedbumps, The Cave Twins (David Mayfield & Abby Rose), The Labra Brothers, Run Thomas Run, The Royal Vasa, A Band Named Ashes, Alexis Antes, DreamStates, The Vindys, Rick Deak, White Buffalo Woman, Cody J. Martin, Flight 619, Nick Wilkinson, By Light We Loom, Jeff Klemm & The Letters, Hey Monea, The Ohio Weather Band, Angie Haze, French Donkey, and The Beyonderers.